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WillowStone Marketing Inc.

WillowStone Marketing Inc. is a marketing agency headquartered in Calgary Alberta, Canada. Serving customers nationally across Canada and the United States, our services include digital marketing and business development, as well as traditional marketing methods. We stand out from competitors due to our disruptive marketing campaigns and hands-on approach. Working with clients closely we develop marketing strategies that stand-out and quite simply just work.

We understand that when you choose to work with a marketing agency, you want to work with qualified individuals who understand your business and know what the next step should be. That's why our team is comprised of successful entrepreneurs diversified in the industries of business finance, marketing, economics, arts and software. Our team is dedicated to guiding you along this journey with real-world experience, knowledge and prove-techniques.


Transparency is key to building trust in any relationship, and it's no different when it comes to marketing. Successfully marketing your business can confusing and sometimes expensive, but you should never have to search for answers. Our team is committed to being open and providing real-time information. When you hire WillowStone Marketing you will always be included in the process.


Communication with our clients is key to the successful implementation of our marketing products and maintaining of long-term relationships. There is no middle-man, no waiting, and no confusion along the way. You will always have our teams direct contact information, and your marketing team will always remain your team. We are committed to keeping you updated about progress, costs, and results with no surprise expenses.


You want results, and we want to give them to you. You've hired a team to implement a strategy that works and you should expect nothing less. Our team already works with a diversified and growing group of clients in the industries of Dental, Automotive, Real Estate, and Energy. So when you hire us your campaigns instantly gets access to established market data and information allowing us to steer your campaign in the right direction. Your results will be less exposed to macro environment effects, and customized to fit your unique business niche.

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What Makes Us Different?

Why you should choose us

Disruptive Marketing

Nothing excites us more than marketing different. Lets make you stand out from competitors and market you different. With a focus on virality, we will create content and campaigns focused on getting you in front of the public eye.


Our team has been through the wringer starting entrepreneurship ventures of our own. Only through real-world experience, finding out what works and what doesn't can you truly understand a businesses needs and struggles. Comprised of qualified professionals certified with bachelor degrees from reputable institutions we are diversely in the industries of business finance, marketing, economics, arts and software.

Hands-On Approach

With WillowStone Marketing there is no pre-fabricated copy-and-paste marketing strategy. Each clients business is individually managed by a single team and analyzed for size, business environment, product offering, competition, and customer base; Only then is the right strategy communicated and implemented. You've built your business to be different, so you can expect your marketing will be too.

Our Team

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Sales Manager
Dominik Pula
1 (844) 979-0514 #101
Sales Executive
Liam McKinley
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Marketing Products & Services

Business strategy

| Building a Strong Business
Business Development (BD)
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Market Research
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Brand Development
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Social Media Management
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
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Design & Creation

| Your Unique Identity
Photo and Video
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Design & Print
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Content Development
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Website Development
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Business Asset Design
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| Immediate Exposure to Customers
E-Commerce Ads
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Social Media Marketing (SMM)
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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
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